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    Anti-acid two-component epoxy sealant, essential for environments that must remain perfectly hygienic. Available in a wide range of harmonious colours, with a delicate finish, for grouting of between 2 mm and 20 mm for floors and walls of ceramics and natural non-porous stone. Due its pleasant smooth shiny appearance, and the high level of hygiene that is guaranteed by the absence of porosity it is the ideal choice for grouting in masonry kitchens, bathrooms, wellness centres and swimming pools. Suitable for industrial floors, abattoirs, at milk and cheese production facilities, breweries, etc. because they can be easily washed with acid using industrial methods. Where high resistance to acids and chemicals is required, it can also be used as an R2T class adhesive (according to EN 12004). Prior to commencing plastering operations carry out a test application in an inconspicuous area. It is not recommended in Tuscan cotto grouting or for porous surfaces in general. SKYLINE is RG classified (according to EN 13888).


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